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Tree of Life Counselling


Amy Bambury

Person Centered Counsellor MBACP

My Personal Background

I am a practising Christian, however this doesn't appear in the counselling room unless you want it to. If you are religious, it can be helpful to feel understood by someone of faith and try to deal with the problems that come with that too. 

I have volunteered as a counsellor for a charity in Leicester called First Step. I worked with male survivors of sexual assault or sexual abuse, I became very passionate about working with these men.

Amy - Christian Counsellor, Clinical Supervisor Leicester.jpg

My Specialisms

I work with all types of issues but I do have some specialisms including Historical trauma, Relationship problems, and Anxiety, which you can read more about by clicking below:

My Motivations

Life can be too hard, it can feel like every day is a fight, that we are lost in the gravity and enormity of our problems. The issues of life can feel insurmountable, you lose all motivation, perspective and control. Life takes its twists and turns and hurls things at you with no warning. 

But there is help!

Counselling can help in so many ways. It helps by providing a safe space to talk about how you honestly feel, to talk with someone who will throw a different perspective on thingsThere's always a reason you act or don't act the way you do. It's often a reaction to whats being thrown at you by life. I want to help make a difference, to increase your happiness and bring a feeling of freedom and relief from the entrapments of past hurts, low self esteem, anxiety or stress, amongst other things. I want you to see that you have choices.

My Vision

I want to help you to fly, and thats what I try to do with each and every client; help them find their wings. 


I look forward to meeting you,

Amy Bambury.

This video will give you a chance to virtually meet me, to see what I look like, sound like

and get to know a little about how I can help you. 

Hi there, my name is Amy, I am a qualified Person Centred Counsellor, registered with the BACP. (Also currently a Student Clinical Supervisor taking on Supervisees.)


My Professional Background

I haven't always been a counsellor, I have been working for over 30 years in many different professions giving me a wealth of knowledge and experience.

One thing all my jobs have had in common is the fact that I have always worked with people, simply because I enjoy engaging with them and being able to help them, in a sincere and ethical way. Ethics have always been important to me and my ethical beliefs have cost me jobs- where targets are more important than peoples needs, and that to me goes against the grain. Counselling is all about you and what you need and so ethics are right up there at the top! And that makes me very happy. 

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