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Tree of Life Counselling




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Amy Bambury
Spiritual View Counselling Specialist
If you are spiritual you may want a spiritual counsellor who shares similar views around life and God. ​Being spiritual often isn't easy and sometimes we struggle between what God wants from us and what life is throwing at us.

As a practising Christian I can understand and appreciate your perspective of life and religious attitudes or desires. Within the sessions we can discuss how your faith helps or hinders you and help you find ways to keep yourself aligned with your life's purpose, your faith and how to battle life's problems.

Counselling with me is also a safe space for you to question your faith if you are struggling. 

My own personal views do not come into sessions and I only value what your beliefs are in order to help you in the best way.​ I do not use prayer within sessions nor scriptures/religious study materials. I may encourage you to seek answers through prayer, your own resources and any prayer circles/triplets or support networks that you may have too.

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