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Tree of Life Counselling


H - Sweden

Before counselling I felt unstable, not in control and that there were too many things that I couldn’t handle in my life. I felt depressed and stressed all the time. I would fight with my family and friends all the time so I really needed counselling. After 12 sessions of counselling I feel stable, I feel like I can handle whatever weird situations that may happen in my life. I’m not as depressed anymore. I have learned many new things that I can apply to my life to feel better and not be as stressed anymore. My relationships with my friends and family are also better. For anyone that is thinking about counselling, I'd say that it is super helpful and it helps you reflect on yourself and become a better person. It also helps you to set boundaries and to manage stress. It is definitely beneficial no matter what is going on in your life. As I live in Europe I had video counselling, in the beginning I wondered if it would be weird to meet through a screen and not face to face but I learned many new things and had a good experience.

Ca - Leicester

Amy is highly skilled in listening and interpreting what you say – unlike others who will listen to you, Amy will pick up on issues that need further development and exploration. I always felt comfortable and supported in sharing my thoughts and feelings, and these were explored. Painfully at times, yet with skill and empathy that provided a supportive session that helped to get to the bottom of key issues. I would highly recommend Amy to anyone who is considering, or has ever considered personal therapy. 


I genuinely feel like a new person and feel completely turned around from the person who made the initial phone call… I have realised that I am enough and am having fun exploring this new chapter. Thank you.  

Ch - Leicester

I think the counselling appointments we’ve had have been really good for me to get everything out and have brought healing for me thanks so much for all your help and support.

J - Melton

Thank you so much of all the help you've given me, I really do appreciate it!! 

J - Telephone Client

Thank you so much. I am so pleased with how you managed my limited sessions and you gave me back a sense of who I am.

A - Telephone Client

Talking had a bigger impact on me than I thought it would and I managed to avoid medication, Thank you.

K - Telephone Client

I'm doing really well despite some difficult things happening in my life, I've been able to handle everything with so much more confidence in myself. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all your help; you guided me to shift my perspective and allow a new sense of confidence to grow. Anxiety is rarely ever present when I'm exploring and it's nice to take every day as it comes. I think of all the things we spoke of and the techniques you taught me often and I definitely wouldn't be doing such wonderful things if I hadn't met you!

Telephone Client

Working with Amy helped me continue to work whilst accessing counselling help, I developed skills for managing problems (increased in confidence and self-awareness, made decisions, explored options). Counselling helped me to see things clearly in a difficult personal relationship that was ending. 

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