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Amy Bambury
Trauma Counselling Specialist
It is heartbreaking for us to see a person carrying pain, shame and sometimes guilt from things that were outside of their control. It's too much of a burden for anyone to bear. 

Many people suffer trauma in life and we can sometimes bury the pain of that trauma deep inside.​ The problem is it bubbles to the surface, again and again, it doesn't ever seem to go away, it haunts us.​ The feelings get buried alive, but they never die.​ This is truly tragic and unfair; not only did you have to suffer the trauma in the first place, you struggle to ever break free from it. I have such empathy for this and will do all I can to help you heal from that pain. 

In these circumstances, it is critical for you to have a safe space to talk in, as well as trust in your counsellor, trust in me. You can trust that I won't judge you. Trust that you won't be engulfed by the emotions that you dare to look at. Trust that counselling will help you find the healing that you so desperately seek. 

As human beings we are vulnerable. We are vulnerable as children, partners, employees, patients or clients. It's a brave step to feel that vulnerability and to face it, but it's a step toward healing. Our vulnerability is our core. If we connect with our core, we truly connect with ourselves. To feel peace. 

I enjoy working with adults who either don't know why they feel the way they do, or know how they feel, bottle up the emotions and use coping mechanisms like work, alcohol, anger etc. to deal with those emotions instead.

I am acutely aware that all men feel pain but many can hold onto it and keep it tucked away so that nobody can see it. This can have devastating effects on relationships, health and life. I work hard to provide a safe environment to express all emotions, and for you to feel it's ok to do so.

Hopefully, it is clear that it is my sincerest desire to work deeply with you in your journey, and to help you experience a better life, with scars instead of open wounds.

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