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Amy Bambury
Relationship Counselling Specialist
Relationships can be very stressful or difficult, and not just romantic relationships, it also relevant in family relations, friendships and with work colleaugues. Space to talk about these difficulties can bring perspective and clarity

Romantic Relationships

In romantic relationships we can often lose ourselves and become confused over what we really want from our relationship, or our life. Expectations of others and ourselves complicate things and guilt can control a lot of what we do.


Sometimes we just don't understand our partner or what they need. Sometimes we have to forgive an affair, a betrayal or we have to learn to live with a diagnosis. The pain of this can be unbearable. I am here to hold this pain with you, and to help you feel strong enough to handle the feelings that come your way.

Other Relationships

Expectations in family or friend relationships also hinder what, when, how, and even why we do things. We can feel trapped, controlled, betrayed, disapproved of, or that we just don't fit.​ I feel very passionate about people being true to themselves, while battling the demands of others by gaining an understanding of who you are, who you want to be and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

People can sometimes have different faces for different places, yet we are just one person. I want you to be one person wherever you go and to be happy and celebrate who that person is.

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