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About Us


Tree of Life Counselling

We are a small but growing team of qualified counsellors in Leicester. Our counselling services include short and longer-term private therapy and couples counselling to help with a range of personal issues. We also offer online and telephone counselling to our clients in Leicester and around the world.

Our Vision & Aims
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Our Vision

Our vision at Tree of Life Counselling is to spread our branches as far and wide as possible, making counselling accessible for as many people as possible, so that healing and inner freedom may be obtained and lives are enabled, instead of disabled or curbed.

Our aim is to provide counselling in many different forms, through counsellors that are qualified in various modalities, meaning a different approach to their work with you, this would include counsellors with differing specialisms. Ultimately, this means more people can access a counselling service that fits their needs. As we gradually add associates to Tree of Life, we can offer not just couples and individual counselling, but family therapy and group therapy, to tackle as many problems as we can, to help you live the life you want to. 

Our Aims
Our History

"When I became a counsellor, my intention was to set up my own practice. My vision at the time, was just me and my room, and of course, clients in need of help. I first named the business Amy Bambury Counselling, because it was going to be just me. A few years later, I felt it was time to branch out and grow the business so I could help more people. I rebranded and created Tree of Life Counselling.

Now, Tree of Life Counselling is a busy practice, and after welcoming additional experienced counsellors to gain help from, we aim to stay busy but remain warm and friendly, and we aim to keep this atmosphere no matter how big we grow."

Amy Bambury

Tree of Life Counselling Owner

Amy Bambury - Christian Counsellor
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