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Tree of Life Counselling

Free yourself ; Be yourself

Leicester LE3 1HR
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Yes, you read that right, it's all about you!

Counselling is your journey of healing & self discovery 

Being able to talk in a safe environment, about the things that have been bothering you, can be liberating. When you have someone there, to truly hear your worries, fears or pain, you realise you are not alone. In addition, it can also give you strength. When you realise how much strength you have, you find clarity, you find your wings.

Counselling is an exploration of emotions and experiences. It can be hard to look at emotions that have been buried for a long time, but in counselling you are not alone. Knowing that you have control over how much you talk about allows you the freedom to speak comfortably. Talking with a counsellor is different to talking with friends and family, we are impartial and objective with no judgement, giving you a safe space to explore and express your true feelings

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