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Breaking the Podcast Ice

Hi Amy, Would you do a Podcast with me? is the email I received from Jared Levenson all the way across the pond. My response? YES! how exciting! (Twitter helps make the world a small place)

I'm really good at rushing headlong into things and then realising I'm exposed.

This has happened so many times, Yes, I'll come to your Christmas party hunny, its totally fine that you're working in the kitchen all night, I'll see you when you get off shift. (my husband at the time was a chef and the party was right next door to the kitchen). Only when I get there, do I realise I don't really know anyone and am sat on my own, wondering...' what on earth was I thinking?!' truth be known, I didn't think.

Did I feel my vulnerability that night? for sure. But, I survived and continued over many decades to do the same thing, in many places with many people.

Yes, I'd love to do a podcast with you Jared!

Did I feel scared, yes.

Did I feel vulnerable being put on the spot and asked questions? Most definitely.

Was I going to not do this because I was afraid? No.

I am me. I know what I know and there's plenty I don't know. I am willing to be seen and to feel all the emotions when they come. Life is for living and emotions are for feeling.

Do I still feel scared? Yes, but that's ok, I have big girl pants and will be accessing them as and when required.

Thank you Jared for breaking the ice for me in the wonderful world of Podcasts!

If you want to take a listen, here it is :)

'til next time


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