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I believe I can fly? Part 1

Anxiety and flying.

It's a beast isn't it?

counselling, anxiety, man on plane

On March 8th 2019, I decided to share my journey with the world.

My journey of Anxiety and flying.

I have had anxiety for many years and I have overcome many parts of it, in a bid to claim my life back.

sardines, anxiety, counselling

Now it's time for me to fly and I'm terrified. I know

that my seat on the plane won't be like that guy, sitting there with lots of space and all chilled, It will be more like sardines!

You'd think with me being a therapist I'd know all the tricks of the trade and have no issues. Me too.

I know the tricks, I have the little CBT bag of tools.

I also have my mind. My mind that says 'Yes! this is ok, I can do this! and my mind that says, 'What are you thinking? are you crazy?!'

And I am thankful to say my determination is also present.

So, why now? I hear you ask, why not just leave it?, and why share it?, are you just an exhibitionist?

Why now?

Well first off, a close relative announced their wedding...abroad..., then another close relative got a terminal illness and they live, yes, abroad. But besides this I do want to go to some places before I die and hitting the big 50 this year makes me conscious the clock is ticking. Lastly, I am missing out, and that's not right. Not when I can do something about it.

Why not just leave it?

Well actually, that's just what I decided to do, over 10 years ago. I decided I was happy to just

anxiety, caravan, uk holidays

holiday in this country and did so. This has not served me well. I have avoided the thing I feared and now I come to face it and I am absolutely terrified. BUT, I want to go abroad, I want to see people, and witness weddings and see beautiful sights and feel warm seas on my toes again.

Why share?

I am super angry with anxiety. It maddens the hell out of me. I mean, how dare it come along and take my life? take your life? or the life of someone you know?? where does it get the right to do that from? I'll tell you & me or whoever has the anxiety, that's who.

I gave anxiety the right to tell me what I can and can't do.

I see people all the time, trapped by their anxiety, their lives shrinking, just like mine did.

Well, no. Just NO!

'It's my life and you... 'anxiety!' don't get to just help yourself to it!' I angrily shout in my head.

I feel just as passionate about it taking other peoples lives. So, if I can help anyone face their fear, face their anxiety and swing it, like the proverbial cat, round their head and release it though a large window into the abyss, then I will be one happy woman.

If you would like to see the journey I have begun, you can follow it on my facebook page. Amy Bambury Tree of Life Counselling.

I will also be blogging about it on here.

To date, the plan is a short flight to Edinburgh, apply for my passport (don't need a passport to fly to Edinburgh), fill myself with positive thoughts and affirmations and face my demons along the way. Video updates will be in the facebook page and if I figure out how, I will post them on here too.

See you in Part 2!

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