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Do you know what you need?

With life being as busy and demanding as it is, is it any wonder we lose touch with ourselves.

I often say to my clients, stick a note somewhere, just a little post it note or something small, and on it write

'What do I need?'

It needs to be 'need', because we're not dealing with wants or wishes here, we're talking about fundamentals.

The stuff that keeps us going, or indeed stops us if we don't get it!

I encourage them to look at this note and to stop and do a mini assessment about what they need, either from life or just in that very moment.

When was the last time you stopped and said, 'Actually! what do I need?' I'm guessing you might have been in the supermarket having forgotten your list...

Asking ourselves 'what we need' helps us tune into us.

Its an easy, unselfish way of starting to prioritise 'us'.

I'm not always good at taking my own advice, but recently I have done just this. I put a reminder in my phone to flash up every day, about lunchtime and it says 'What do I need?'

Now today when it came up, I did my quick assessment and I thought...

'I'm feeling ok actually, pretty energised, but I am hungry, I need food! and I then reassessed just to see if there was anything else I needed and thought 'my eyes are feeling dry, I could do with a drink.''

It's not rocket science is it.

I had needs, I recognised them. `So I continued my journey home and fixed myself a drink and some lunch.

Maybe you could give this a try and see what comes up for you! Would love to see your comments!

You are important and of value. Believe it. I dare you.

Until next time...

Amy :)

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