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You are an unstoppable force...

So, its been a while I know. Sometimes its hard to think of what to write about, but you know there is inspiration everywhere and so I was inspired this morning and found a pocket of time and here I am.

This morning, feeling somewhat bleary eyed after a rough night with the puppy being sick, (was more retching actually but we won't talk anymore about that), I took the dogs for a short walk.

As I walked the treelined street I saw that one tree had tarmac all the way up to its trunk. Almost being strangled by the forces of 'the human'.

Obviously walking dogs attracts me to look at the bases of trees, wondering if I'm to be hoisted over there to allow sniffing of said territory. However this one wouldn't be ideal as there was no soil or grass to be sniffed, only tarmac.

I thought how sad it was to be honest that 'the human' had decided that nature was an inconvenience to the public and maximised the tarmac available to us fellow humans.

Now this is where it gets interesting, as the tree is in fact nature and I think we all know you cannot stop nature. The roots were pushing up against the tarmac and winning, as cracks had appeared with that very force pushing against it.

This made me think about us, us mere human beings and the fact that we are in fact nature.

I'll just let you soak that thought up for a minute...

You see, we are a natural person and unique in every way, no two snowflakes are the same, no two trees are identical. Even identical twins aren't identical in every single way. Yet we have this model almost forced upon us, we are told what we 'should' to look like, sound like, act like, what's acceptable and what's not.

We have a force inside us that by its very

nature is stronger than anything we are told or sold. We have untold power with us to be the true, authentic, organic us.

Each person is celebrated for their uniqueness. Look at this people you know who are happy just being themselves... what is it you like about them? the fact that they look or act like everyone else, like they are manufactured? or their individuality?

Look at Kim-Joy on Bake Off, she is totally individual, she allows her true self to be shown and sure there will be people saying horrible things, there always will be, but if she were to listen to that and take it on board and stop expressing the person that she truly is, she would in fact be living for others, not herself, she would be denying who she is, and that my friends, is a loss of life.

Theres a beauty within us, but we need to have the courage to shine, to allow our nature inside us push back against the forces of streamlining and manufactured-ness.

Be yourself ; Free yourself

Most of all ...Be Happy!! Smile :) Laugh :D

talk soon (wont leave it so long next time!)


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