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Shhhh!...You're a grown up...

I don't know about you but when I see children dressed up as Spiderman just because they feel like it, I am somewhat jealous! What an exciting world to live in where you can dress as super hero and have fun :)


We are grown ups now...

'Dressing up like a super hero might get us 'sectioned' ' is what we may think...(thats not actually true) but you might get some strange looks and I can almost guarantee some jealousy too as I know I am not the only one who wants more fun in life!!

I am writing about this in my blog today because the other night I was in Sainsbury's ( other supermarkets are available haha) and on the tannoy was playing Dominic the Donkey...if you've not heard this, you need to, its a funny song about an Italian Christmas donkey, its very catchy trust me.

So, picture the scene, it's around 9pm, it's the weekend, and, there is a scattering of grown ups and grown ups with children. Dominic the Donkey is playing festively across the store. Now, this is where is gets really interesting...the grown ups with children were singing (out loud)... 'Jiggety jig, ee-aw ee-aw it's Dominic the Donkey' and doing a little jig...BUT as soon as another grown up entered their aisle? They stopped singing or went very quiet!

As if the other grown up was thinking 'Shhhh!! don't sing! you're a grown up!'

What a shame.

Can you imagine if everyone in the store was singing... what the atmosphere would have been like? it would have been akin to a flashmob, except this would have been people trying to be who they really, truly are in a natural unorganised way.

It seems like we need permission to be ourselves sometimes, whether that's to sing out loud (permission seems to be gained if a child is present or we are in our car), dress up (at a fancy dress party) or maybe just to use our voice in a conversation. We can fear being looked at and ultimately judged. We trap ourselves in what we think is acceptable and deny the real 'us'.

So, I guess what I'm saying is... Be brave. Take a deep breath and Be more YOU today!

This doesn't have to be dressing up as a superhero or singing in the supermarket but it could be thinking more about who you are and what you want out of life and taking the first steps to making some of that happen.

For me?...Well I'm off to buy a Batgirl suit! haha!!

Until next time

Amy :)

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