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Love Thyself...& Invisibility!

Welcome to my first blog post, I'm completely new to blogging, so let's see how this pans out! ( I have however read enough Pinterest pre recipe blurbs to see what I think I need to do)

As you may know I am a Christian, and something occurred to me this week when I heard a 'pause for thought' on a radio station somewhere, maybe Radio 2, I am of that age where Radio 1 is not longer my 'scene' haha!, I digress...they talked about the 2nd commandment, Love they neighbour as thyself. This got me thinking, and this applies to anyone religious or not, often we 'love' other people more than ourselves as we prioritise their needs over ours.

Let me explain.

I hear from many clients, friends and family, that they like to help others and they find it hard to say 'no' to people when asked to do something. This then ultimately means they are saying 'yes' to someone else's needs and 'no' to their own!

This is not 'loving thyself'.

This is loving thy neighbour more than or instead yourself.

YOU need to be considered too!

Getting the balance right between what we do for others and what we do for ourselves. (check out my video mentioning Stephen Covey's Emotional Bank Account for another way of looking at this!)

I used to struggle to say No, (sooo much guilt) but now I consider what is being asked of me, see if I can do it (without getting stressed) and then give my answer accordingly. I think its called self value...

I accept I am only one person and am human, and unfortunately I don't have super powers just yet. (which one would I pick?... Invisibility for sure!)

Until next time

Amy :)

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