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Amy Bambury
Anxiety & Panic Counselling Specialist
I believe there is life outside the story seas of Anxiety.
So many hopes and dreams are being stolen by the beast we call Anxiety. So many people are now struggling with panic attacks. Beta blockers, mindfulness and meditation are becoming mainstream. Anxiety is rife, perhaps because of the expectations we have on ourselves, the fast pace of life, or our belief that everyone else is coping and so we must keep up.

I believe and have seen first hand that anxiety does not have to be a part of who you are. It can be something that comes along uninvited, but that you can gain control over it and dismiss it on its way. Now don't get me wrong, there is a fight in this, but this is the fight to get your life back. Some questions we would ask are 'Do you want your life back?', or 'Is your anxiety a tool you hide behind?'.


There are no right or wrong answers here, because if you are hiding from your life, anxiety is the perfect medium. As counsellors, we would guess that if you are hiding from your life then there is a reason, and that reason can often be fear, pain, or disappointment. Through counselling, healing can be sought. Then you can work on getting rid of the anxiety to get your life back. 


Anxiety is a cruel monster that takes away your life and leaves you with a comfort zone that just gets  smaller and smaller unless you fight. In our sessions, I like to use an integrative method to gain an understanding of why the anxiety came along, how it's affecting your life, and where your expectations are. Then I give you tools to fight it. 

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